Issue Nº1+2

Taking cue from Roger Caillois’ The Writing of Stones, Issue 1+2 of Flint Magazine explores the rock as a medium for art, mysticism, place, and history. Rock is a natural archive; it records history as layers of sediment, and as a sculpted form. The oldest existing representations of visual symbolism and material technology are found in the form of carved stone that date back to 250,000 BCE. They preserve time, space, and artifacts in the same way the internet accumulates information – always collecting and storing without editing itself. Rocks compact history, yet still maintain a beautiful and unique form.

Featuring work by Roger Caillois, Olaymi Dabls, Warren Defever, Paul Elliman, Illana Halperin, Francis McKee, Pauline Oliveros, William Pope.L, Ana Vas, Kawandeep Virdee, and many more. A full list of contributors can be found [here].

Curated by Maia Asshaq & Benjamin Gaydos.

︎︎ USD 250.00